I Am Calling Forth the Laborers and Giving New Strategies!

“I am calling them out! I am calling them forth, and many of them are responding! I am calling My Church forth into the harvest fields. I am calling forth laborers. There is much work to be done for My Kingdom and I am calling forth an unprecedented amount of laborers to go forth and bring in the harvest. You will begin to see many, many things being done in ways that you have not seen before in order to reach the lost for My Kingdom. Do not be alarmed and do not be dismayed, for I am putting strategies and ideas in the hearts of My people to do things in ways that have not been done before. It will not be the same as it has been before. Things will not look the same. There are those that will disagree and try to stop you. Let no man stop what I have placed in your heart. There are ideas and strategies you have not even fathomed that that I will give you. Just because others don’t like it, does not mean it is not Me. Make sure it lines up with My scriptures, and walk in love. Always walk in love, My children. Always walk in love. Never allow offense to take root in your heart. Don’t become frustrated and upset at those who disagree with you, or think you’re not hearing from Me. Walk in love, submit to authority and obey My commands.”

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~ Marjorie Shull ~



There Is Freedom in Your “Yes!”

If you know that God is calling you to something and you have not yet surrendered, I encourage you to let go of your fears, and anything that is hindering you, and take the first step towards the adventure that awaits you!  There is power in your “Yes!”

“Come to Me, My child. Come to Me and I will give you rest. Come to Me, respond and give Me your “yes”. I am calling you out into the deep, into the unknown. It is not scary, if you put your trust in Me. It will not always be easy, but it will be worth it. Put your trust in Me and follow what I show you to do. You are wrestling and struggling in your heart with what I have told you to do, but if you give Me your “yes” and follow Me, you’ll find that My anointing will make it easier to bear. You think you can’t do it, but I will give you strength for the journey. I will not put anything in your heart to do that I won’t give you the strength for. I will give you wisdom along the way. Go! Go in courage and follow My way. I will make your paths straight as you seek Me and follow Me. Seek Me for wisdom. Seek Godly counsel. When you have a question about which way to go, follow peace. Follow Me and you will not go wrong. I will lead and direct your steps. I have a plan and I will guide you to it. I will show you what it is, but you must seek Me. Your inward struggle and dissatisfaction is because you have not said “yes” to Me. Give Me your “yes”, follow Me and you will see the freedom that is in your “yes” and the peace that floods your soul.”

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Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth

~ Marjorie Shull ~



You Are Unique; Surrender to the Process of Becoming

“You are beautiful. You are unique. You are wonderfully and fearfully made by My hands. The uniqueness that I have placed inside of you is what makes you beautiful. Don’t fear the beauty that I have placed within you. Let that come out. Don’t fear what others will think of it. Don’t fear what others will think of the change as you become who I have made you to be. You have become frustrated with who you are because you know that you are not fully who I have created you to be. Relax. Allow what you know is inside of you to come out. That person that you dream of being, that person that you envision yourself being, that is who I have made you to be. I’ve placed inside of you the knowledge and desire of who I’ve made you to be. Relax as I mold you and craft you into who I have made you to be and let it happen. The compassion that you feel for others, the ideas that cross your mind of doing little things for other people that you think seem silly and wonder what other people think of you…. that is Me. Those things that cross your mind that you think others will think are crazy…. that is Me. Don’t worry about what others will think as you go into a new season of life. It is a new season. It is a time for all things to be made new. It is a season of growth and expansion. When you put yourself down, or ideas that come from Me, you are putting Me down. You are mocking My creation that I am transforming into My image. If it lines up with My scripture, it is from Me. Don’t second-guess yourself. I will give you the ability to do what I have placed within you and called you to do. No one has a right to cast down what I have ordained. No one has a right to put out what I have anointed. I am God and I choose whom I will use. I can choose and a lift up anyone that I want to. Let no man put down the ideas that I have placed inside of you. If I have placed it inside of you, I will anoint you to do it. Let the beauty inside of you shine without worry. Let My Son shine forth from you and your uniqueness come out. The uniqueness that I have placed in you is what will draw people to My Son Who is shining in your life. You think you’re weird, or that other people think you’re weird, but I have made you special. Satan, your enemy, makes you think that you’re weird so that you will fear becoming the person that I’ve created you to be. No longer allow the lies to permeate your being and take over your life. Follow My Spirit, allow the beauty that I’ve placed within you to start coming out and relax in the process of becoming who I formed you to be. Enjoy the process! I love you!”

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Declaring Jesus to the Earth

~ Marjorie ~


Trust Me and Fully Surrender

“Let Me be your King.  Let Me stay on the throne in your life.  Do you really understand what it means for Me to be the Lord of your life?  In a kingdom, whatever the king decrees is final.  There is no negotiation or arguing.  The king is obeyed.  When you made Me Lord, you made Me the Ruler over your life.  This means you surrender to Me in every area.  You relinquish control.  I know it’s hard in your own strength to trust Me when you don’t see what’s ahead.  That’s why you need faith and the power of My Holy Spirit to see you through.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.  Do not be wise in your own eyes.  Fear the Lord and depart from evil.  Trust Me in every area, and with every situation, and give Me control.  I see the beginning and the end of every situation in your life before it happens.  I know exactly what you need.  You have to rely and depend on Me.  Surrender every thought, every attitude, every fleshly reaction you want to have. Trust Me and let Me show you the way. My way is truth and gives life.  I can breathe life into your situation.  I can give you peace that passes all understanding.  You don’t have to be stressed and worried all the time.  You can learn to have peace in the middle of the chaos.  Learn to carry My Presence in the midst of your situation.  In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!”

I Love You; Trust the Safety of My Embrace

“I love you. Yes, YOU, in all of your mess. With all of your deepest, darkest secrets that you don’t want anyone to know about. I love you in the madness, in the chaos, in the mess of it all. I love you in all of your forgetfulness, in the hiccups of life. I love YOU. You are My child, and I love you. Nothing can stop My love. Nothing can separate you from My love. I’m not ashamed of you when you make mistakes. Don’t believe that lie. I’m not ashamed of you when you make mistakes in My Name. Don’t believe that, either. At least you step out in faith and try. My love is bigger than that, stronger than that. My love is not like human love. Don’t compare Me to that. Human love is weak and fickle. My love is everlasting. My love is strong, enduring, unstoppable, unfathomable. My love is found in waves of glory. There is nothing like My love in all of the world. Why do you search the world for it? You won’t find it there. My love is unlike any human or anything you will find in the world. My love is relentless and is in constant pursuit of you. Yes, YOU. I don’t just love the pastor and the strong Christian that you think spends hours of time in prayer with Me. I love YOU, and I long for YOU. How about you set aside your doubts and questions and wondering and take Me at My Word? 🙂 Believe Me when I say I love you even though you believe your life is a mess. Believe Me when I say I love you even though you harbor secrets you don’t want anyone to know about. Yes, I know. I see them, and I love you, anyway. You don’t have to worry about Me. I’m the one constant in your life. I won’t leave you, betray you, use your secrets against you like people will. That’s not what My love is about. You can trust Me. You don’t have to fear My love. My love is supernatural. My love is pure. I won’t hurt you. Rest in Me and let Me show you what true love is like. My arms are wide open. Let Me show you the meaning of true love and what it means to be safe. Trust Me and trust the safety of My embrace. Trust Me and let Me walk you through this life and through true surrender. You don’t have to hide behind your fears and pain anymore. Come out of hiding and walk into the safety of My embrace and feel what freedom is truly like!”

My Power Has Not Passed Away; Miracles Are Coming!

I will do amazing things.  I have great plans to do many amazing things that you have not seen before and you cannot comprehend.  I want to pour out My Spirit in an unprecedented measure, even more than I’ve done before.  Do not doubt, but only believe.  There are miracles I want to perform that you have not yet seen.  I want to do many signs and wonders and I need My Church to believe because I’ll work through you to do it.    Many do not believe in My power and many ministers do not preach about My power and even teach that it has passed away, but without faith it is impossible to please Me.  You must believe My Word and trust what I say.  Don’t look at the circumstances in the world and the state of the Church and think that I cannot do it.  I Am God!  I will do what I said I will do.  I am waiting on My Church!  Believe My Word, walk in righteousness and do what I have said!  Do what I have called you to do!  Some of you will have to go against the grain. You will have to go against your own families and acceptable way things are done in the Church.  I have called you to be pioneers and trailblazers for My Kingdom.  The traditions of men make the Word of God of none effect. Things cannot be done the same as before, for it is no longer fruitful for My Kingdom.  Follow My Spirit and be obedient to fulfill your assignments exactly as I tell you to do them. There is no time for disobedience, for the hour is urgent.  For those who reject My calling, I WILL find someone who will be obedient and accept the call, however, there will be a price to pay for rejecting Me.  There is no longer time to hold back out of fear, for the spiritual hour that is upon you is urgent, and it is already here!  The callings and assignments MUST be fulfilled!  I am calling and raising up many, many in this hour to go into the dark places that have not been trod before.  It is time to take My Gospel to the four corners of the Earth, for I am coming soon.  You will see My Gospel spread faster than you have ever seen it before.  Be ready!  This is not a time to sleep or slumber or be lax in your callings.  Be vigilant, My people, for I am coming and it won’t be long!”

Change is Coming to My Church!

Don’t give up in the waiting!  Persevere even when it’s hard!  Your reward is on the other side.
“I am stirring and awakening My people!  I am causing a stirring in the hearts of My people for change.  There is a hunger for something more, something different.  You don’t know what it is, but I am guiding it.  There is change coming.  The landscape of the Church will not look the same.  Everything will be different.  There is a growing hunger and an inner groaning for something different.  You are no longer satisfied with the way things are, but you can’t put your finger on it.  You want to see change in the way church is done.  I am stirring and moving in the hearts of My people.  This is not your imagination and you are not alone in this desire.  There is coming a shift of a magnitude of which you cannot imagine.  You don’t know what it is, but you can feel it.  You desire it.  You’re crying out for it.  It is coming, My children.  Keep longing for it, keep crying out for it and keep seeking Me.  Your desperation will be rewarded in due time.  I am changing the way church is done.  I am putting in the hearts of certain people to shift and change things.  Things will not look the same, but you will be satisfied and more fulfilled.  Don’t leave the Church or walk away because you are dissatisfied with the way things are going.  Now is not the time to leave or walk away.  Now is the time to remain STRONG in your relationship with Me and remain connected to a strong community of believers.  You will find strength for this life and your own personal walk as you remain connected to a strong church and connected and accountable to other believers who are strong in their faith.  Now is not the time to leave or walk away out of offense or dissatisfaction.  You can become weakened in your faith and become deceived.  Be patient while I do the stirring and bring about the change.  The change won’t happen overnight, but in time you will see it.  What should you do in the meantime?  Do what I have asked you to do.  Do the thing that I have called you to do.  Follow My Spirit.  Nothing is too small to do in service to Me if I have called you and asked you to do it.  Take the first step towards what I have asked you to do and be obedient.  THAT is what I want you to do.”