My first book!!! “God Speaks: Prophetic Words of Hope and Assurance”

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My first book, “God Speaks: Prophetic Words of Hope and Assurance”, is a collection of prophetic words I received over time. It will be a resource of encouragement and exhortation as you read what God is speaking to you right now.

Surprise! I am also a songwriter, and I’ve released music that is available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and other music platforms! Add it to your playlist!


As a bonus when you purchase my book, I am offering a FREE download of my e-book, “My Healing Journey: God’s Faithfulness Through My Darkest Night”. This e-book goes hand in hand with my book, as it tells the story of what was happening in our lives during the years I was receiving the prophetic words.

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Marjorie Shull