You Are Unique; Surrender to the Process of Becoming

“You are beautiful. You are unique. You are wonderfully and fearfully made by My hands. The uniqueness that I have placed inside of you is what makes you beautiful. Don’t fear the beauty that I have placed within you. Let that come out. Don’t fear what others will think of it. Don’t fear what others will think of the change as you become who I have made you to be. You have become frustrated with who you are because you know that you are not fully who I have created you to be. Relax. Allow what you know is inside of you to come out. That person that you dream of being, that person that you envision yourself being, that is who I have made you to be. I’ve placed inside of you the knowledge and desire of who I’ve made you to be. Relax as I mold you and craft you into who I have made you to be and let it happen. The compassion that you feel for others, the ideas that cross your mind of doing little things for other people that you think seem silly and wonder what other people think of you…. that is Me. Those things that cross your mind that you think others will think are crazy…. that is Me. Don’t worry about what others will think as you go into a new season of life. It is a new season. It is a time for all things to be made new. It is a season of growth and expansion. When you put yourself down, or ideas that come from Me, you are putting Me down. You are mocking My creation that I am transforming into My image. If it lines up with My scripture, it is from Me. Don’t second-guess yourself. I will give you the ability to do what I have placed within you and called you to do. No one has a right to cast down what I have ordained. No one has a right to put out what I have anointed. I am God and I choose whom I will use. I can choose and a lift up anyone that I want to. Let no man put down the ideas that I have placed inside of you. If I have placed it inside of you, I will anoint you to do it. Let the beauty inside of you shine without worry. Let My Son shine forth from you and your uniqueness come out. The uniqueness that I have placed in you is what will draw people to My Son Who is shining in your life. You think you’re weird, or that other people think you’re weird, but I have made you special. Satan, your enemy, makes you think that you’re weird so that you will fear becoming the person that I’ve created you to be. No longer allow the lies to permeate your being and take over your life. Follow My Spirit, allow the beauty that I’ve placed within you to start coming out and relax in the process of becoming who I formed you to be. Enjoy the process! I love you!”

If this has ministered to you, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me and let me know!  I would love to hear from you and learn your story!

Declaring Jesus to the Earth

~ Marjorie ~


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