My Power Has Not Passed Away; Miracles Are Coming!

I will do amazing things.  I have great plans to do many amazing things that you have not seen before and you cannot comprehend.  I want to pour out My Spirit in an unprecedented measure, even more than I’ve done before.  Do not doubt, but only believe.  There are miracles I want to perform that you have not yet seen.  I want to do many signs and wonders and I need My Church to believe because I’ll work through you to do it.    Many do not believe in My power and many ministers do not preach about My power and even teach that it has passed away, but without faith it is impossible to please Me.  You must believe My Word and trust what I say.  Don’t look at the circumstances in the world and the state of the Church and think that I cannot do it.  I Am God!  I will do what I said I will do.  I am waiting on My Church!  Believe My Word, walk in righteousness and do what I have said!  Do what I have called you to do!  Some of you will have to go against the grain. You will have to go against your own families and acceptable way things are done in the Church.  I have called you to be pioneers and trailblazers for My Kingdom.  The traditions of men make the Word of God of none effect. Things cannot be done the same as before, for it is no longer fruitful for My Kingdom.  Follow My Spirit and be obedient to fulfill your assignments exactly as I tell you to do them. There is no time for disobedience, for the hour is urgent.  For those who reject My calling, I WILL find someone who will be obedient and accept the call, however, there will be a price to pay for rejecting Me.  There is no longer time to hold back out of fear, for the spiritual hour that is upon you is urgent, and it is already here!  The callings and assignments MUST be fulfilled!  I am calling and raising up many, many in this hour to go into the dark places that have not been trod before.  It is time to take My Gospel to the four corners of the Earth, for I am coming soon.  You will see My Gospel spread faster than you have ever seen it before.  Be ready!  This is not a time to sleep or slumber or be lax in your callings.  Be vigilant, My people, for I am coming and it won’t be long!”


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