Stay on Fire for Jesus; Uncontaminated by the World

Thursday, 05/17/18 @4:29am

I received this while listening to “Set Me Ablaze” by Katie Torwalt:

“Run after Me, My children.  Run after Me.  The more you pursue Me, the less you will desire the world.  The harder you run after Me, the less you will hunger for the things of the world.  The more in love with Me you are, the less you will love and want to be entertained by the things of the world.  The deeper in love with Me that you fall, the less you will desire to give in to your flesh and privately seek after the things of the world.  

You will be on fire for Me, and STAY on fire for Me, when you stop turning back to the world little by little, inch by inch.  It starts with little things.  A little leaven leavens the whole lump.  Sin creeps in.  Worldliness creeps in little by little.  You cannot afford to listen to the philosophies of the world and let the world’s system into your mind, because they’re stealing your affections from Me little by little.  You don’t even realize it, but the things of the world are winning you back.  

Return  to your first love.  Remember what it was like when you first got saved.  Remember the moment when you knew that you needed Jesus, and you were willing to give Me your life.  You wanted to think like Me and act like Me.  You were sick of things the way they were.  Go back to that moment.  That’s the place where I want you to stay everyday.  You were on fire for Me.  It didn’t matter what anyone thought.  You were not interested in the things of the world. You just wanted Me.  

Stay in that place.  Don’t let the world around you change your view of Me.  I long for you to be on fire for Me, to be in a place of living on fire for Me.  You have to go back to that place of intimate relationship with Me.  You can’t let yourself be influenced by the world and their philosophies.  You can’t begin to doubt the relevance of My Word because of the changing culture around you.  They are hurting and confused.  Instead of allowing them to influence your mindset and thought processes, show them who I am.  Show them Who Jesus is, and tell them I am the answer.  

They are miserable no matter how badly they want to convince people they are happy.  They are searching and they don’t know where to go. They are looking for something deeper.  They need SOMEONE to tell them about Me.  Don’t be ashamed, and don’t worry if they mock you.  I will reward you.  Are you willing to be laughed at for My sake?  

Don’t let them influence you, and don’t hesitate to tell them about Me.  They are hungry, and they are desperate for Me.  Tell them about Me and how much I love them.  Tell them I don’t want to be without them.  I have chosen them, but they must come to Me and accept Me.  Tell them I will not condemn them, but they must repent. Tell them the good news of Jesus Christ.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t back off.  They need to hear about Me, and I’m sending YOU to tell them.”  ~ Jesus 

James 4:8 (Draw near to God); Galatians 5:1-10 (Christian liberty; love fulfills the law); Colossians 2:4-10 (Be rooted and established in the faith, not deceived through philosophy); James 4:4 (Friend of world; enemy of God); 1 Corinthians 15:33 (Bad company corrupts good character); Romans 12:2 (Do not be conformed to this world, renew your mind); John 3:16-17 (God so loved the world, did not send His Son to condemn, but to save)


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Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~

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I’ll Turn Your Chaos into Peace

I received this on Friday, 05/11/18 @3:22am 

“I call peace into your life. I would not have you to be anxious and worried, My child.  I came to give you life and that more abundantly.  I give you My peace that passes all understanding.  I do not want you to be consumed with worry and in a constant state of chaos.  I did not give you a chaotic life.  I did not cause the chaos.  That’s what I want you to understand.  I did not cause the chaos.  I do not cause chaos in My children’s lives.  Look to Me and turn to Me.  Do not look inwardly towards yourself for the answers.  You do not have the answers within yourself.  You cannot give yourself peace.  I provide you with peace.  I provide you with the wisdom and understanding that you need to get through the messes of this life.  Your hope is only found in Me.  Some of you don’t even know that you’ve been trusting in yourselves.  Look to Me and rely on Me.  I will give you the comfort and peace that you need to make it through this stage of your journey.”  ~ Jesus


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Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~

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