I Am Calling Forth the Laborers and Giving New Strategies!

“I am calling them out! I am calling them forth, and many of them are responding! I am calling My Church forth into the harvest fields. I am calling forth laborers. There is much work to be done for My Kingdom and I am calling forth an unprecedented amount of laborers to go forth and bring in the harvest. You will begin to see many, many things being done in ways that you have not seen before in order to reach the lost for My Kingdom. Do not be alarmed and do not be dismayed, for I am putting strategies and ideas in the hearts of My people to do things in ways that have not been done before. It will not be the same as it has been before. Things will not look the same. There are those that will disagree and try to stop you. Let no man stop what I have placed in your heart. There are ideas and strategies you have not even fathomed that that I will give you. Just because others don’t like it, does not mean it is not Me. Make sure it lines up with My scriptures, and walk in love. Always walk in love, My children. Always walk in love. Never allow offense to take root in your heart. Don’t become frustrated and upset at those who disagree with you, or think you’re not hearing from Me. Walk in love, submit to authority and obey My commands.”

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~ Marjorie Shull ~



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