I Love You; Trust the Safety of My Embrace

“I love you. Yes, YOU, in all of your mess. With all of your deepest, darkest secrets that you don’t want anyone to know about. I love you in the madness, in the chaos, in the mess of it all. I love you in all of your forgetfulness, in the hiccups of life. I love YOU. You are My child, and I love you. Nothing can stop My love. Nothing can separate you from My love. I’m not ashamed of you when you make mistakes. Don’t believe that lie. I’m not ashamed of you when you make mistakes in My Name. Don’t believe that, either. At least you step out in faith and try. My love is bigger than that, stronger than that. My love is not like human love. Don’t compare Me to that. Human love is weak and fickle. My love is everlasting. My love is strong, enduring, unstoppable, unfathomable. My love is found in waves of glory. There is nothing like My love in all of the world. Why do you search the world for it? You won’t find it there. My love is unlike any human or anything you will find in the world. My love is relentless and is in constant pursuit of you. Yes, YOU. I don’t just love the pastor and the strong Christian that you think spends hours of time in prayer with Me. I love YOU, and I long for YOU. How about you set aside your doubts and questions and wondering and take Me at My Word? 🙂 Believe Me when I say I love you even though you believe your life is a mess. Believe Me when I say I love you even though you harbor secrets you don’t want anyone to know about. Yes, I know. I see them, and I love you, anyway. You don’t have to worry about Me. I’m the one constant in your life. I won’t leave you, betray you, use your secrets against you like people will. That’s not what My love is about. You can trust Me. You don’t have to fear My love. My love is supernatural. My love is pure. I won’t hurt you. Rest in Me and let Me show you what true love is like. My arms are wide open. Let Me show you the meaning of true love and what it means to be safe. Trust Me and trust the safety of My embrace. Trust Me and let Me walk you through this life and through true surrender. You don’t have to hide behind your fears and pain anymore. Come out of hiding and walk into the safety of My embrace and feel what freedom is truly like!”


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