Drawn by the uncompromised teaching of the Word of God, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, on February 22, 1998, I joined Covenant Love Church. It is here that I met my husband, John, and on October 6, 2001, we were married.

Over the years John and I have served in several areas of ministry at Covenant Love Church.  Currently, John and I have the honor of serving together in the Media Ministry, and I enjoy serving in the Worship Ministry as part of the Sanctuary Dance Team.  I am also in the 5 Fold Ministry Training Program.

In 2013, I felt that God was leading me to study the prophetic realm. I would like to acknowledge and give honor to the ministries under which I have studied and learned:

Manna School of Prophecy under the teachings of Michael Cotten and my spiritual mentor, Gabriele Gause:

I’ve attended Prophetic Conferences under the teachings of Abner Suarez and his ministry, For Such A Time As This:

I’ve attended Prophetic Conferences under the teachings of Ruth Mangiacapre and her team at New Day Church:


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