I Am Here

“I am here!  I am here!  I am here with you right in the middle of your circumstances!  Don’t listen to your adversary, the devil, when he tells you that I am not there, that I am afar off, that I have forsaken you in your grief and sadness!  I said I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Though it feels like I am not there, I am right there in your midst.  I feel your pain.  I am carrying you.  Do not listen to your doubts.  Do not become angry with Me.  It is all a deception to draw you away from Me.  Draw close to Me, lean on Me and I will guide you through.”


Sweet Surrender

“Surrender.  Surrender.  Surrender all to Me and find it to be worth it.  Lay everything at My feet and find rest in Me.  Life is out of your control.  Circumstances have gone beyond your control and you feel like you’re going to go crazy.  Don’t give in.  Don’t give up and give in to that.  Lean on Me and trust in Me.  When you feel this way, worship Me and it will change your atmosphere.  Worship will break the chains and the anointing will destroy every yoke.  Worship Me and you will feel relief from the pressures of life and you will feel like you can make it through.  Don’t worry and sit around thinking negative thoughts, but come to Me in sweet surrender and worship and I will handle all of your problems.”

I Will Use You for My Glory!

“I am pleased with you, My people.  You have shown due diligence in seeking My face.  Many of you have gone up and beyond what I have asked of you and have sacrificed even more.  I see and I will bless you greatly for you have sought after Me and your hunger for Me is now much greater than your hunger for the world.  I will bless you and I will use you for My glory.  Many of you have said, “Lord, this world has nothing for me.  Use me.  What can I do for Your Kingdom?”  I am pleased with your heart cries.  I will use you.  I am raising you up and your time is coming.  Many of you are in a season of preparation.  In the right time you will be launched forth to help bring in the harvest.  Oh, and what a harvest it will be!!  I have not forgotten about you.  Do not become anxious feeling like you are sitting around doing nothing.  Do not try to step out on your own outside of the proper timing and season.  Preparation is very important.  It is imperative that you WAIT and do what I have instructed you to do during this season and wait to be released.  Submit and obey.  I will use you, and when your time comes, you will be fulfilled and you will be glad you are prepared.  Keep seeking Me and keep doing what I tell you to do.  I will release you sooner than you think and you will be surprised what I call you to do.”