Prophetic Words to Encourage You Through the Night

Saturday, 12/02/17 @10:17pm

Peace in the Midst of Chaos
“Always keep your mind stayed on Me, remain in an attitude of worship, and your mind will live in a state of perfect peace, even in the midst of all the chaos.” ~ Jesus


Monday, 12/04/17 @12:15am

Received while watching “A Little Longer” by Jenn Johnson of Bethel Music on YouTube:

You Don’t Have to Be Overwhelmed
“You don’t have to be overwhelmed. You don’t have to allow your situation to overwhelm you. Release it all to Me and you will have peace.” ~ Father God


Thursday, 12/07/17 @ 1:07am

My Grace is Enough for You
“My grace is enough to sustain you through the night.” ~ Jesus


Thursday, 12/07/17 @ 10:03am

You More Than a Conqueror
“When Satan is attacking you and you feel like life has become too much – like you’re in over your head – remember I defeated him. You are more than a conqueror.” ~ Jesus


Thursday, 12/07/17 @10:48pm

I Will Give You Strength
“Come to Me when you are weary and I will give you strength to make it through.” ~ Jesus


Wednesday, 12/13/17 @12:18am

I Will Fall Fresh on Your Life
“I will fall afresh on your life. I will fall afresh in your heart and your spirit. In time, even a year from now, as you yield to Me, you won’t recognize yourself anymore. Your situation may not change, but I am doing a work in you and your spirit is being renewed. Don’t worry. The things you have done have not repulsed Me. The things your family has done has not repulsed Me so that I don’t want to be around you. My mercy reaches far and wide and is deeper than you can imagine.” ~ Father God


Thursday, 12/14/17 @5:58am

Come Closer; Don’t Be Afraid
“Come closer. Come closer to Me. Do not be afraid to come closer because of what’s going on in your life. Yes, I see it. No, I am not angry with you or disappointed. You are My beloved. I do not hold you accountable for other people’s actions. Do away with condemnation. Be done with self-image issues. I don’t want you to compare yourself, or feel condemned, because of the people or the culture around you. Nobody is better or more important than you are. Surround yourself with those who uplift and build you up, not those who make you feel less than. Trust Me and I will lead you to the right friends and the right people to welcome into your life for this season and this moment in your life.” ~ Father God


Thursday, 12/14/17 @10:57pm

I Want to Send a Fresh Outpouring
“I want to send a fresh outpouring over your life. Will you accept it?” ~ Jesus


Thursday, 12/14/17 @11:34pm

Undone in My Presence
“Come to Me. I want you undone in My Presence. It is not scary. I am not waiting to punish you. As you uncover the hidden places and confess to Me, I will love you through it. I will throw My arms around you, love you through it, and guide you step by step. Go ahead. Open up the wounded areas that you try to keep hidden. Yes, I see it. You will find it is not scary. As the pain releases, you will find comfort in the release. It is not scary. Go ahead and release it to Me. You will find that it is not scary once you start, and you will wonder why you waited so long. 😊 Go on, My child, release it to Me. You will find your freedom in the release.” ~ Jesus


Sunday, 12/17/17 @11:52pm

My Love Does Not Harm
“Come closer, My child. I will not hurt you. My love does not harm. You are safe hidden away in My love.” ~ Jesus


Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~























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