Prophetic Words ~ Prepare for God’s Outpouring!

Sunday, 12/17/17 @11:52pm

My Love Does Not Harm
“Come closer, My child. I will not hurt you. My love does not harm. You are safe hidden away in My love.” ~ Jesus


Monday, 12/18/17 @12:16am

My Love Will Not Fail You
“My love will not fail you. Don’t get your eyes on your circumstances. I will not fail you. I am bringing you through and bringing you out. Hold on just a little longer, My child. Hold on. My promises are true and I will not fail you.” ~ Jesus


Monday, 12/18/17 @8:05pm

Received while listening to Jenn Johnson, “Your Grace Is Enough”:

Why Can’t You Trust Me to Bring You Through
“My grace is sufficient enough for you. Why can’t you trust Me to bring you through this situation? Why do you keep allowing fear to rise up?” ~ Jesus


Monday, 12/18/17 @8:53pm

Received while listening to, “Spirit Move” by Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Music:

Prepare Yourselves for My Outpouring!
“Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! My children are not ready for Me to pour My Spirit out upon their lives the way I want to. Prepare yourselves! It will bring major change into your lives that you are not ready for. Prepare yourselves! Soak yourselves in the Word (the Bible) and in the Presence of My Spirit, not the things of this world or the things of the flesh. Only those with a pure heart will see The Lord, for no one can see Me and live.” ~ Father God

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~






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