Prophetic Words of Encouragement ~ Rest in His Love

Tuesday, 11/21/17 @12:35am

I Will Give You Rest
“I will give you rest, My child. There is rest in My Presence. Lay your burdens down at the cross and I will give you peace.”


Tuesday, 11/21/17 @1:53am

Let Me Show You What My Love Can Do
“Put your trust in Me, and let Me show you what My love can do in your life.”


Friday, 11/24/17 @ 9:07pm

I received this while watching the YouTube video “You Make Me Brave” by Amanda Cook of Bethel Music:

You Will Arise
“I will rise you up out of this situation and see you through. Keep your focus on Me and don’t let your faith waver. Yes, I said, ‘Let’. It is your choice whether you walk in faith or begin to walk in doubt. Trust Me to walk you through the difficulties, the pain, and bring you out. You will be stronger and more mature on the other side, and you will see that it was worth it. Hang on, My child. Keep trusting Me and you will get through this.”


Saturday, 11/25/17 @1:41pm 

I’ve Never Stopped Loving You
“Yes, I love you. In spite of what your circumstances tell you, I’ve never stopped loving you, and I will take care of you.”


Friday, 12/01/17 @2:11am

Received while watching “Get Ready” by Steffany Gretzinger of Bethel Music on YouTube:

I Will Break Every Chain
“I will break every chain. Only, don’t return back to the yolk once I have broken it off and freed you from it. Don’t return back to what’s familiar. Walk in your freedom. Walk in the new. It will take time to get used to your new life, but do not go back to the yolk. Do not return to your old sin. You will only become entangled again, and it will take longer for you to walk in the destiny for which I have planned for you. Do not waste time. Walk in the freedom that I bring you into and you will have the joy that you are longing for.”


Friday, 12/01/17 @8:54pm

I Will Move in Your Life!
“I will move in your life! Trust Me and wait on Me.”


Friday, 12/01/17 @9:17pm

Your Hope Is in Me
“Your hope is in Me, not them. Yes, you have hope, says the Lord. Your situation is not hopeless. Look to Me.”


Friday, 12/01/17 @9:18pm

Your Identity Is in Jesus
“Your situation does not define you. What others say about you does not define who you are. You are My child. Who you are is set in Christ, sealed for all eternity. Do not let them steer you in the wrong direction.”


Saturday, 12/02/17 @4:39am

Allow Me to Work in Your Life
“Allow Me to work in your life. Allow Me complete control over your situation. Yes, they hurt you, and the pain is deep. Yes, they’ve angered you, and sometimes you don’t know if you have enough self-control to keep yourself from acting out or retaliating. But, I can heal that. I can heal ALL wounds, ALL pain, no matter how deep it goes. You won’t even recognize it if you will trust Me and totally surrender it to Me. Yes, in the natural you have a right to stay angry longer, and in your mind you’re making them pay. But, when you gave your life to Me, you surrendered your flesh and all fleshly emotions. I nailed what they did on the cross, so lay it at the cross, surrender it to Me, ALL of it, and trust Me to take care of it. My child, I don’t like to see you in pain like this, or your life in shambles, but surrender it to Me and trust Me over the dictates of your fleshly emotions. You’ll be glad you did. 😊”


Saturday, 12/02/17 @7:16pm

I Am in the Midst of Your Despair
“Just because you don’t see the ending of this nightmare does not mean I am not with you in the midst of your despair. I am right there holding your hand. Keep hanging on!”

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~

















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