Awake, My Bride!

Received this over two years ago. Didn’t feel to release until now.

Friday, 1/8/16 @3:37pm

“Awake, My bride. Awake from your slumber. You’ve been asleep way too long. Rise, wipe the sleep from your eyes. There is much work to be done. I need My bride awake and alert for the warfare. I need you alert and strong, trusting in Me.

Awake! Awake, My bride, and come here! The darkness surrounds you, but I have your peace. Do not think I would send My bride out to war and not protect her. I have given you the weapons of warfare that you need.

Trust Me! Trust Me!

Many of you have said, “But, how can we trust God with so much evil going on around us? It’s only increasing. Why doesn’t God come down and stop it?”

My bride, have I not warned you about these things? Have I not said in My Word that these things would happen? When Satan comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard. YOU are that standard. My bride, I am waiting for you to arise and come against the standard of evil that is arising in this present day and age that you are now living in.

There is an unprecedented amount of evil that is being unleashed that you have not seen before. The Evil One knows that his time is SHORT and he is doing everything he can to pull out all the stops. I need My Body to stand up against this evil. You are My voice in the Earth.

Don’t fear what others will think if you take a stand for holiness and righteousness. I said if you are ashamed of Me before men, I will be ashamed of you before My Father. I warned you that there would come perilous times upon the Earth. I warned you about trials and tribulations, sorrowful times and persecution. Why would you expect Me to come down and intervene to put a stop to everything when I’ve made it clear in My Word that I have given man free will to make choices and have given ALL of My authority to those who believe in Me. YOU are My representatives in the Earth. I DO SOMETHING through YOU.

No longer say, “We shouldn’t get involved.” “Christians should have nothing to do with this and that area of life.” I want My people involved in ALL areas of life because you are My voice in the Earth. It is through you that I raise up a standard and accomplish My work to destroy the work of the Evil One. Yes, get involved in politics and government, and every other area of life. Stop fighting about it and do the work of My Kingdom.

You have to be STRONG in Me to go into many of the areas that I will call some of you into. Do not argue with those who will try to hold you back and say it’s not right for a Christian to get involved with that. Do what I have placed in your heart and be led by My Spirit. I will protect you and keep you safe.

Remember to look to Me and rely on Me always. Do not forget My Word and My statutes as I promote you and take you higher. Do not get into pride and thinks it’s all about you, but always remember I have placed you there for My plan and My purpose. Stay in My Word, seek My face, obey My will and you will be fine. Do not worry about what others say. I have a specific purpose I want to accomplish through you. That’s why I created you. You were created with My plan in mind. The plans others have for your life do not matter. Seek Me for My plan for your life and I will reveal the steps to you as it is time for you to take them. I told Abraham to “Go” and he went, not knowing what was ahead. He went on faith, not knowledge, and I unfolded the plan to him as it was time. My time.

Do not worry and fear and fret if you do not know what’s next. I’ll reveal the steps as it comes time for each one. Just trust Me and rely on Me, My beloved. Trust Me and rely on Me.”

~ Marjorie Shull ~



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