You Have Made it Through!!

If you are going through or have been through a trial, please be encouraged!  You are coming out and God has seen you through!  NOTHING can keep you from your destiny.  NOTHING can keep you from the blessings that God has in store specifically for YOU.  God has a reward with your name on it.  🙂

“You have come out of a GREAT trial and you have done well.  You have come through a time of testing and tribulation, and you have made it to the other side.  You have stood strong and you kept your faith in Me.  I am pleased.  Satan has tried you, and you did not relax your hold on My Word.  You did not let go of your faith.  Though you were tempted at times, you did not give up.  I am well pleased and you will be blessed for your perseverance.  You will receive a great reward for you withstood the test and did not allow Satan to deceive you.  Watch now as things turn around in your life!  Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  Rejoice now! Your morning has come!  I am turning your mourning into dancing!  No more sorrow, for the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for has come and you will be FILLED with joy beyond your comprehension!  Watch as I turn things around in your life and My blessings overtake you!”

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