Your Past Does Not Define You

So many times our adversary, Satan, will try to use our past against us and put us under condemnation in hopes that we will put judgement upon ourselves and give up because we think that God can’t use us.  He will put obstacles in our paths, or bring temptation to us, then use it against us to try to make us feel unworthy!

I encourage you today, friend, don’t allow your past to control you or define who you are today, or who you will become in the future.  God has a specific plan just for YOU.  He has not forgotten about you or tossed you out with the trash.  Please read this and be encouraged!

“I have called you forth as my own.  Don’t listen to the voice of your enemy telling you that I can never use you, that I don’t want to use you.  You are redeemed by the blood of My Son if you have believed in Him.  The past is no longer yours, for I  have redeemed you and put all things in the sea of forgetfulness.  Do not remain under condemnation.  Do not listen to the voice of your enemy.  Rise and go forth for you are called for My purpose and My plan.”

If this has helped or encouraged you, feel free to drop me a line and share! 🙂


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