Words for Heart & Soul Prayer and Worship Night

     I believe I received 2 Words for the Heart & Soul Prayer and Worship Night that have been confirmed by my church leadership. For those who don’t know, Heart & Soul is a night set aside when various churches in our city come together to pray and worship for our city and our nation. This year it is planned for Friday, September 16, 2016 from 5pm-9pm @Festival Park in downtown Fayetteville, NC. (http://heartandsoul.org/)
     Heart & Soul is hosted in association with the American Family Association. This year, we are excited to have Alex McFarland, of American Family Radio, start our worship night by leading us in a Prayer Rally. Mr. McFarland felt led to have a time of prayer over our nation. After 40 days of fasting and prayer about where to have the prayer, God showed Mr. McFarland that He wanted him to go to the home of Fort Bragg. We are honored to marry Mr. McFarland’s Prayer Rally with our Worship Night to make it a night of Prayer and Worship unto our God.
     Please be in prayer with us for what God wants to do on this POWERFUL night. If you can, please come out and join us! You are an integral part of what God is doing!
Word #1 – Heart & Soul Prayer and Worship Night
“I will come in and do a MIGHTY work in your midst as you come together to worship Me.  I have plans for this city and I have plans as this city comes together and the churches come together and pray and worship in unity.  I am cleansing the atmosphere of this city and doing a work within the families and individuals in this city, but it is much more than that.  I am using this city to start something MUCH bigger that will spread throughout this nation.  I have many, many great plans for this city and this nation, and I will use this church and this city to bring it to pass.  I am breaking up the fallow ground all across this nation.  See and watch if I won’t do it!  Satan thinks he has this nation in his grip, but I am using Fayetteville to shift the atmosphere of not only this city, but this nation as a whole.  Families will be brought together, churches will reconcile and work together as I bring them together for the purposes of My Kingdom.  This is only the beginning of something magnificent that I am doing in your midst, in your city and in your nation.  I am marrying intercession and worship together to break up the fallow ground.  NOTHING is more powerful than the sound of My people crying out to Me when they come together in unity, in one heart and in one spirit as they cry out and worship Me.  NOTHING is more powerful than My blood, which has the power of cleanse the sins of this city and this nation.  Satan is NOT more powerful and I am calling My people together for this gathering to break strongholds that are over this city and this nation.  My anointing destroys EVERY yoke the enemy has around this nation, and I am bringing My anointed together in a time of prayer and worship to break the strongholds off of this nation.  Satan will not have this land!  Satan will not have this land!  Fayetteville and America are MINE and Satan WILL NOT have this land! Take this land back, My people!”

Word #2 – Heart & Soul Prayer and Worship Night
“I have GREAT plans for this night.  Some do not understand.  Remember, I sent the singers out before the war, and when they began to sing and praise Me, I set ambushes against the enemies and they were defeated.  I will send confusion to the enemy’s camp and they will turn on one another. Many, many will come to Me through this one act of obedience.  Many will be healed.  Many will be reconciled with their families.  There are even those who will begin to understand the importance of worship.  Don’t let Satan come in and convince you that this is a stupid idea that will never work and no one cares.  I planned this before I laid the foundations of the earth.  I have a plan and a purpose for this night that Satan CANNOT stop.  He CANNOT stop My plans and purposes for this city or this nation, though he may try.  Do not fear any opposition that may come against you.  Do not doubt that this is My will.  Do not forget who your real enemy is, for you do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.  Do not let Satan convince you otherwise.  I have great plans for this city and this nation. It begins with your intercession and your worship.  The battle is won in your worship.  I have GREAT plans for this night, and all it takes is one person, one man to be obedient to My voice, My call, and carry it out.  I have many people to reach, many people to heal, and it will all happen because of those who are obedient to My voice at any cost.  I am pleased with your obedience.”



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