Shine the Light of My Word in the Darkness

This is a warning about what will and can happen in this nation if we don't turn back to God, and how to respond and raise our children in the midst of it.

"There is coming a shift in this nation.  New laws will be passed 
that will reflect immorality.  Many things will be legalized that you 
never thought you would see happen in America, even things you haven't 
even thought of, yet.  Immorality, depravity, lasciviousness - all forms
 of ungodliness - will continue to get worse and worse.  Fear not!  
Rejoice and be glad, even in the midst of it all, My children, for you 
have the hope of the world!  You have the answer!  "How do we respond to
 all of this happening around us?  The culture is changing so fast!"  
Respond in love, My dear children.  Respond with the light of the 
Gospel.  None of this has taken Me off guard.  None of this is taking Me
 by surprise.  I will raise up a standard to come against what the enemy
 is doing - and you are that standard - My beloved.  Yes, I will send 
revival, and it is already here, but that is not the answer.  Not the 
idea of revival that many have in their  minds.  The answer is in you, 
My children.  The answer is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The 
answer is love.  This is what the world will see in you, My beloved.  
It's not just about bringing them to church service on Sunday and 
"hoping" that they "get it" and get saved.  They need to see a radical 
transformation in your lives through the blood of Christ.  "What about 
our children?  How do we raise them in a culture that's gone crazy?  
What do we teach them?"  Raise up a child in the way he should go and 
when he is old he will not depart from it.  Do not fear what society is 
trying to do to your children.  Do not teach them to fear.  Teach them 
love.  Teach them My ways.  Teach them My Word.  Teach them to walk in 
My love and be led by My Spirit.  Do not expose them to the evil deeds 
of darkness.  Teach them My ways and teach them to walk in My light.  Do
 not fear rebellion.  Do not fear what the enemy will try to bring on 
them.  Walk in My love.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  I will guide 
you and I will bless you as you teach them My ways.  Each child is 
different and I will show you how to guide and shape each one.  Be 
patient.  There will be other influences in their lives, and sometimes 
you will have to reteach what they have been taught, but don't fear.  I 
have given you the authority in their lives to bring correction and make
 sure they're taught right.  Keep reiterating My Word and My ways and 
they will get it.  Even at times when it seems like they're not paying 
attention, they're getting it.  Don't allow them to give into the 
culture even a little bit.  Don't give Satan a foothold in their lives. 
 Teach them about Satan's devices.  Teach them how subtle he is.  Let 
them learn to recognize what Satan is trying to do in their lives, but 
teach them to focus on Me.  Let them fall in love with Me, and they 
won't want the things of the world."

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