Repent! Your Time is Short!!

“My children, I am SO READY to come in like a mighty rushing wind!  You are not waiting on Me.  I am waiting on you.  I am coming back for a Church without spot or wrinkle.  It is full of blemishes right now.  I said be holy as I am holy.  I cannot come, yet, for your own protection, for there would be many Ananias and Sapphira moments because there is not reverence in My Church.  Too many want to play games and think they have plenty of time.  Why don’t you believe what I have said?!  THERE IS NO TIME TO PLAY GAMES.  TIME IS SHORT.  Repent, get right and live holy.  No more going back and forth between sin and righteousness all the time.  That is an abuse of My grace thinking I will forgive you and you can live in sin all the time.  Don’t return to sin and don’t approve of those who sin and tell them it’s okay.  Have the courage to stand strong and share My Word with them.  Don’t argue, but share My Word.  I will bring conviction.  You are living in a time where you don’t have time to tell people they are okay in their sin.  Their spiritual lives are at stake and I will hold you accountable if you lead them astray.  My children, come to Me and get right.  I long to come and manifest My glory.  I will do it through you as you yield yourselves to Me.”


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