Forgiveness, Healing & Hope

This Word has been submitted to and confirmed through my church leadership.  I want to be very sensitive and do not wish to judge or hurt anyone who may be personally dealing with this.   If I am able to help bring healing and / or hope to someone, I am willing to share this:

“For those of you who have had abortions and miscarriages, I am not mad at you, even if you caused your miscarriage intentionally.  Do not let the enemy torture you and use this against you to stop you from fulfilling your destiny.  Some of you wonder where your baby is.  You wonder if they know who you are.  If they know what happened.  If they’re mad at you.  All babies that have been aborted or miscarried are with Me, here in Heaven.  They are safe and they are whole.  Yes, they know who their parents are.  No, they are not mad at you.  Your babies are filled with love and joy.  They are surrounded in the glory of Jesus.  In My house, in Heaven, there is only love and immeasurable joy and peace.  There is no anger, no hatred, no resentment, no jealousy.  No remembrance of former things.  All sins are in the sea of forgetfulness if you have asked for forgiveness through My Son, Jesus.  Your babies are full of love, joy and laughter!  They love being here and they are happy!  They are not mad at you, in fact, they can’t wait to meet you when you get here!  Do not hold this against yourself, because I do not hold it against you.  Forgive yourself.  Don’t hold onto the guilt and condemnation.  Release yourself and allow Me to heal you from the guilt, condemnation and tormenting thoughts.  You wonder what they would look like, what they would be like.  I see you tormented every year on the day they would have been born.  Allow Me to heal you.  Allow My love to come in and wash over you.  I no longer want you to be bound up in this prison.  I am not mad at you.  I do not hate you because of what you did.  I love you and I want to set you free from this bondage.  Come to Me and let Me set you free.  Only My love can give you the complete healing that you need.”

If this has ministered to you or helped you in any way, please feel free to write me via my “Contact” page and let me know.  I would like to hear your story.  It will remain confidential.





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