Now Is the Time for My Glory!

"Be prepared, My children!  Be prepared!  I will use many of you in ways that you are not expecting.  It is time!  It is time for My glory to be manifested in the Earth!  You see pockets of revival here and there, pockets of My glory.  But, I desire to do so much more.  There is coming an increase of My glory upon the Earth, an unprecedented move that will shake the foundations of everything that you think you know about Me.  What I do will ASTOUND you.  Waves of My glory are coming upon the Earth.  Now is the time, My precious children.  No more waiting. No more waiting to see what I will do.  I will move through those who yield to My Spirit and give Me an unwavering, "Yes!", and will
obey Me even in the most difficult of circumstances.  There will come persecution.  There will come those who will mock you, but do not worry about them.  Focus.  Focus on Me, My love, My call.  There are many, many that I will bring into My Kingdom, even those who are the outcasts of society.  I will transform those who are considered the outcasts of society and use them to bring in even more people into My Kingdom.  There is no limit to what I can do or who I will use.  I am ready and I am willing.  Are you, My beloved?  Are you ready and are you willing for
Me to turn your lives and your schedules upside down for the purposes of My Kingdom?  Get ready!  NOTHING will be the same.  NOTHING will look the same, and it will all be for My Kingdom and My glory!"

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