Discern the Times!

“Discern the times!  Discern the times, My beloved children!  There is darkness all around you.  Did I not say in My Word that these things would happen?  Look up, for your redemption draws nigh!  The love of many will grow cold because of the abounding lawlessness and evil that’s around them, but I have called you to be a light in the darkness.  A city sitting on a hill cannot be hidden.  Do not move and be swayed by the culture.  Stand on My Word and declare My truth in the midst of the sin that is abounding around you.  Do not be ashamed of My truth, but declare My truth, says The Lord.  My Word is the only thing that will save this nation.  I need My children to rise up and take a stand!  Why do you stand in agreement with the darkness?  Darkness will not prevail.  Only My Word will prevail and stand the test of time.  Do not become lackadaisical and lethargic because of what you see happening.  Do not give up!  Stand strong and heed My Word!  The world will only get worse, but you are to shine brighter as the days get darker.  You cannot shine brightly if you are in agreement with the culture and the world system.  Gird up your loins and prepare for what is to come!  The war is won in worship!”


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