Come to Me and Rest Without Shame

Are you feeling ashamed of mistakes you’ve made in your past, or even in your now, and you feel like there’s no one you can turn to who will understand?  You think not even God will understand.  Not only will He not understand, but He’s angry at you and just waiting for the right moment to get you for what you’ve done.  The merciless shame and torment won’t leave you alone.  Let me assure you that God understands.  Not only does He understand, but He can take your broken pieces, your shattered life, and made it whole again.  You have nothing to fear in His love.  All He’s waiting on is for you to trust Him with your mess and run into His loving Fatherly arms…. and rest.

“My love is pure.  My love is safe.  Come unto Me and find your rest.  In My love is safety from the craziness of the world.  In My Presence is rest from the clutter of thoughts that constantly race through your mind.  You feel like your life is a mess and you believe that you have made too many mistakes, but when I look at you, I see My Son, Jesus.  I see you as whole and beautiful.  I see who I created you to be because I see the end from the beginning.  I can take your messy situation and turn it into something that will absolutely astound you.  “But, God, You SEE this?  I don’t want You to see this mess I’ve made of my life.”  My beloved, I see and I have compassion.  I am not mad, but I long to help you if you will call on Me and trust Me.  Turn it over to Me and see what I will do.  No longer be ashamed and try to hide it from Me.  Come out from hiding, My beloved, and watch Me make beauty out of your ashes.  You will have a beautiful story which will glorify Me.”


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