Run to Me!! I Love You!!

Received on Saturday, 8/12/17 @1:41pm
God is merciful and gracious and wants nothing more than for us to place our complete trust in Him and run to Him with our hang-ups and baggage.  So many times we want to run and try to hide our messes from God, or we try to hide because we don’t want to face our issues , and we are afraid of what we will see within ourselves.  God is beckoning us to run TO Him and trust Him with who we are, and who He wants to mold us to become.  It’s in the process of becoming that we learn His character and finally realize that we are safe in His arms …right where we belong.
“Why do you run?  Where do you run?  Where will you go?  I have a plan.  I know your answer. I am your answer.  Why do you run?  Where do you run?  Where do you go from Me, says the Lord?  Why do you run when you know I am the Bread of Life?  Why do you run?  Why do you still run?  Why do you keep running from Me?  Why are you afraid?  Do you not know Me by now?  Do you not know of My mercy?  Have you not seen My loving-kindness time and time again?  Why do you run?  Why do you fear Me?  Where do you plan to go and hide?  You cannot hide.  You cannot hide from Me.  Where will you go?  Stop running.  Stop running.  Stop trying to hide from Me.  There is nowhere you can hide.  There is nowhere you can go to run from My love.  You feel like you don’t deserve My love because of the things you have done.  You don’t understand My love.  You don’t understand My grace.  You don’t understand My mercy.  It’s time to stop running, stop fearing and hide under the shadow of My wings.  You are safe.  You are safe in My love.  You are safe with Me.  Turn from your internal struggles and run to Me.  No longer listen to the thoughts that tell you I am mad at you and I will not forgive you and I will not use you because you are not worthy.  You are made worthy by My Son, Jesus Christ.  My wrath was satisfied when He died on the cross.  Come to Me.  Run to Me and I will give you peace and safe dwelling.  I love you, My child. Run to Me.”
Jesus Hug
If this has ministered to you, please feel free to contact me using the form below, or you may write me via my email address.
Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,
~ Marjorie Shull ~



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