Deal with Church Hurt


I received this on Saturday, 8/12/17 @12:51am
God cares for us, and out of His deep love for us, He desires that we face our challenges and issues and work things out with each other.  All of us go through trials and pain.  The important thing is that we are able to recognize when the enemy of our soul is trying to cause division, and work through things so that we can be the glorious Church that God created us to be.  Let’s learn to forgive the DEEP offenses and betrayals, laying them at the cross and allowing God to heal our DEEP wounds so that we can love one another and walk in unity… only then will the world truly KNOW that God sent His Son, Jesus the Christ, our Lord.  (John 17:20-23)  
“I have placed within you the ability.  I have placed within you the ability to do what I have called you to do.  Sharpen your skills and use the gifts I have placed within you.  I have placed you where I want you to be to use your gifts.  Do not move from place to place, unless I have called you out.  I have placed you in the church where I want you to be to use your gifts to impact the people I want you to impact.  I want you to become deeply rooted there so that you can grow.  You flourish where you are planted.  I have placed you where I want you to be.  Don’t run.  Don’t run because you are offended or mad.  There is much I want to do in you.  There is much growth that needs to take place.  At the same time, there are gifts I have placed in you that others need for their growth.  I want you to get involved where I’ve placed you and become part of the community so that you can become like a tight-knit family and learn and grow together.  I want you to become close with the church community that I have placed you in.  I don’t want you to back off out of fear, offense or resentment.  Don’t back out because of distrust.  I will heal you from the hurts of the past, and I will show you who you can trust.  Trust Me in this season of your life.  I will lead and guide you in the right way.  There ARE people that you can trust.  Don’t judge everyone from the mistakes that others have made in the past.  MANY of My children are hurting, and I want to heal every one of them.  You must trust Me.  You must trust My guidance in the process that I choose to use to heal you. Sometimes it will be instant, and sometimes it will be a process.  Trust Me in the process.  Trust My timing and my reasoning, even if I don’t reveal to you what My reasoning is.  Trust Me during the hard times of the church pain, and stick with it during the process.  It will not always be easy, but you will become stronger and your relationships will be strengthened. Stay in My Word, even during the painful process, and you will become even closer as a church community rather than the enemy having the ability to tear you apart.  Stay in My Word.  Stay in worship.  Walk in love towards one another, even during times of betrayal.  Stay in worship.  Stay in My Word.  This will be EXTREMELY important to you during these times of this depth of pain.  Don’t put your eyes on the situation or those who turn their backs on you.  Keep your eyes on Me and remain faithful to Me during this time.  I will get you through.  I will get you through these times of deep betrayal.  Walk in love, My children.  It is important that you learn how to walk in love towards people during these times.  Follow the guidance of My Spirit, and pray for your enemies.  This is what I am calling you to do.  Forgive and pray for your enemies.  Do not seek revenge. Do not repay evil for evil.  Loving them will be like pouring hot coals on their heads.  I don’t want you to have any desire for revenge in your hearts, but love, forgive and pray for them in Jesus’ Name.  Only I can convict them and change their hearts.  No amount of anger or payback on your part will accomplish that.  Release them to Me and forgive them and continue to serve Me in the place where I have planted you.  Don’t run to another church thinking you will find relief.  You will only become miserable because you will be out of My will.  Don’t become weary and give into your flesh thinking that you can solve this problem. Obey Me, follow Me, and I will give you peace.”
1 Corinthians 12:12-26; Matthew 5:43-48; Proverbs 25:21-22; Psalm 92:13
If this has spoken to you, feel free to write to me via the contact form below, or my email address.
Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,
~ Marjorie Shull ~


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