Walk in the Fullness of My Power

“It’s time to go deeper. No more looking at the past. The things of old will no longer satisfy. The old ways of doing things will no longer satisfy. I am putting a deep hunger in My children that only My Spirit will be able to satisfy. I am positioning My children in a way that ONLY I can satisfy the deep longings of their hearts. No longer will church traditions, church positions, or even worldly possessions be able to satisfy for a season, for there is coming such a change, such a shift that you will finally understand what it really means to be filled with My Spirit and be satisfied. You’ve had a taste here and there, but you’ve mainly been churched and sermonized. It’s time to learn what it REALLY means to be filled with My Spirit and walk in the FULLNESS of My power. In the Book of Acts they had 3,000 added to their number in one day, and the Lord added to them daily those who chose to follow Christ. Peter’s shadow fell upon them and they were healed. Don’t you want to walk in this kind of power every day? They were in unity. They walked in unity. That’s how the early Church walked in power. They were in unity. It didn’t happen immediately. They remained in the Upper Room and devoted themselves steadfastly to prayer. Not everyone chose to follow and there were 120 when the Holy Spirit fell upon them. Do you think it would have been better for others if they had stayed and patiently waited upon the Lord? What about you? Do you think it will be better for you if you patiently wait on Me to move in your life? I have everything planned out. Don’t become impatient and frustrated and move out in your flesh. Don’t move forward to fulfill your own desires thinking that I am taking too long and I will not move. I have everything planned out and I am working behind the scenes and moving many factors into place. I am moving on the hearts of people and waiting for people to be obedient. In the meantime, be still and know that I am God and patiently wait on Me. Pray. Pray and intercede for others and I will move on your behalf. There is always work to be done in My Kingdom and I will always use the willing heart, just don’t move out ahead of Me. Follow My timing and My Spirit and you will not go wrong.”

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Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth

~ Marjorie Shull ~





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