Calling My Church to Intimacy

God is beckoning us to know Him deeper than we ever have before.  Beckoning us to live in His Presence and trust Him on a deeper level.  As we implement the changes He is calling us to make and allow Him to do what He desires to do in our lives, 2017 and beyond will be SPECTACULAR!!
“There will come a day when My true bride will know Me so intimately that she will not have an appetite for the world, for I will be her sole desire and her sole source.   I am calling My Church to that depth of relationship with Me now.  I am calling them to My Presence.  I am calling them to worship Me like never before.  My true Church, My true disciples will follow Me.  Those who love Me will follow.  Those who want to love Me and want to know Me will follow.  I am looking for those who will put their own agendas aside and are willing to allow Me to turn their lives upside down and completely change their schedules.  I am looking for those who will completely surrender to Me no matter what it looks like, no matter how foolish it looks to the world, or even to other believers around them.  I want My bride to love Me with an intense, burning passion that won’t let anything get in the way or get between us.  I want My bride to choose Me over the desires of the world.  This is what I am looking for, and this is what I will have.  A bride without spot or wrinkle.  If you love Me, you will obey Me and all that I command you to do.  Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord, and the fear of the Lord will keep you close to Me, My beloved.  Gain a healthy fear of the Lord, and you will not wish to partake in sin and the things of the world, but you will want to stay far from it.  Worship Me, abide in My Presence and get to know Me, not just what someone has told you about Me, and your 2017 will look different than what you’ve seen in the past.”




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