Stand on My Promises!!

“I have declared it, and I will see to it that it happens, says The Lord!  I have written it in My Word, and I will see that it happens!  What I have spoken to you and declared that I will do in your life, I will see that it happens, only you must stand and believe!  Many have declared that My Word is not true, that what I have said and what I have shown them will come to pass will not happen.  But, you must STAND, declares The Lord!  You must STAND and believe! Am I not God?  Did I not create the heavens and the Earth?  Did I not create you?  Then why would you doubt Me?  Can I not bring to pass what I have spoken to mortal man?  Do not listen to the lies of the enemy!  Do not follow those who give up on Me and choose to do things their own way because they think I do not hear them or that I’m taking too long to fulfill My promises.  Do not follow another way.  This will lead you into deception.  My sheep know My voice and another voice they will not follow.  Your ways are not better or wiser than Mine, for I know the beginning from the end and everything in between.  I know everything that will happen along the way and how to help you through it.  My hand is not too short.  I am all seeing and all knowing.  Trust Me and I will see you through.  Rely on Me and I will make your paths straight.  Do not listen to those who do not follow Me or give up on Me.  They are leading you astray.  Do not listen to those who urge you to give up on Me.  They do not know Me or My power to see you through.  For if they did, they would not try to lead you away from Me, but would urge you not to give up.  Trust Me and lean not on your own understanding of your situation and how you think things should be.  It will be worth it when you get to the other side.”


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