Take Your Authority Against Sickness!

“My people have been sick for far too long!  Satan has attacked My Body with sickness and attempted to take My people out of the race and enough is enough, saith The Lord!  I WILL come and I will heal you!  I have given you the authority, My people!  I have given you the keys!  Rise up and take your place!  Rise up and take your rightful place of authority in My Kingdom and come against the attacks of the enemy!  Don’t just lay down and take it!  I have given you the power to overcome!  Rise up and take it!  You must use your authority and receive My healing.  Receive what I want to do.  Don’t allow Satan to deceive you and tell you that I have given you this sickness, for if you blame Me you won’t receive from Me.  Don’t be deceived, My children.  Sickness is not from Me.  I don’t give you sickness and disease to teach you anything.  Where is that in My Word?  Read My Word and you will see where sickness comes from.  I have come that you might have life and that more abundantly.  The thief, Satan, comes only to steal, kill and destroy.  I do not want My children sick.  How can you do the work I have called you to do for My Kingdom if you are sick all the time? Do not believe the Deceiver.  Do not accept that I have put this on you, but rise up and take your authority against the kingdom of darkness.  I have many plans for you.  His plan is to keep you spiritually weak and physically sick to keep you out of the race, unable to do the work I have called you to do.  Read My Word, learn My ways and come to understand My character.  I do not put continuous sickness on you in order to teach you a lesson.  I want you well and I want you to prosper in all of your ways.  Trust Me.  Rely on Me steadfastly.  Keep your mind stayed on Me.  Worship Me in spirit and in truth.  Trust Me with all of your  heart, mind, spirit and strength.  Look to Me and I will bring you out of this.”

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