The Winds Are Shifting

Do you feel like it’s time for a change or sense a new season of life is upon you?  Be encouraged!  Change is coming in your life and in this nation!!

“I have brought you out.  I have brought a shift into your life and there is even more shifting to come.  I am in the process of shifting this nation and I don’t want you to go back.  I have brought you out and I don’t want you to go back to the way things used to be.  Keep moving forward.  Don’t go back.  I am changing things.  Everything will be new.  For those who want it, everything will be new.  I am bringing change and harmony into your lives and into this nation.  The winds are changing.  Follow the wind of My Holy Spirit.  The winds are shifting and changing and nothing will be the same.  Your schedules are about to change.  Nothing will look the same. Are you willing to make sacrifices for your families to change?  For this nation to change?  You will see the very things that you have cried out for.  Don’t resist the change.  Don’t go against My Holy Spirit.  Relax, My people.  This is the very thing that you have cried out for.  You see many prayer movements popping up all over the place.  My people are groaning and crying out to Me.  I have placed it in their hearts to pray because it is time, it is time for CHANGE.  The winds are blowing.  Follow My Holy Spirit.  Your appointed time is here.”


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