“Addicts Freed & Prodigals Coming Home!!!”

Saturday, 04/15/2023 @11:06 PM

I received this while listening to “Shores” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt:

“I am here!  I am here, My people!  I will set My people free from all addictions!  Don’t fret and don’t worry about those who have gone astray!  Place them in My hands and I will take care of them while they are astray, no matter how far they’ve gone!  They are not too far gone for My blood to reach them.  Continue to pray for them and I will send My Holy Spirit to convict them.  Do not worry.  Do not give satan a foothold, but pray and trust Me to keep them.  Don’t spend your time worrying, but spend your time praying.  It is only by My might and My power that this will be accomplished!”

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~


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