Word for Covenant Love’s Face to Face Women’s Conference 2019

I believe that God is beckoning and urging His daughters to a loving, face-to-face encounter with Him, our good, good Father.  An encounter such as we have never known.  Whatever our experience, whatever our relationship is with Jesus, there is always so much more.  He longs to draw us deeper.

If you have not yet made plans to attend this years conference, March 15 & 16, I strongly urge you to make plans and come.  This will NOT be like any other conference.  We believe this is a time God has set aside as a divine appointment for His daughters for an outpouring that will result in lasting life-transformation.

The speaker for this year’s conference will be Lisa Bevere, long-time friend and guest speaker of Covenant Love Church.  Registration is closed, BUT, you may register AT THE DOOR!!  And…  it’s FREE!!!  For more information, please click the link below:

Word for Face to Face Women’s Conference 2019:

“I will bless those who come.  Those who obey My voice and come will be mightily blessed.  For there are those who would think, ‘I don’t want to go.  It will just be the same old, same old.  Nothing will really change.  Nothing will be different.’  Oh, My daughters!  That’s where you’re wrong!  It will not be mediocre.  It will not be boring.  It will not be a bunch of gossipy women getting together in cliques.  No!  I am calling My Body to something much higher than that.  I can do more in your heart, in your life through this conference than you have seen Me do in your lifetime to this date.  All you have to do is come in faith, expecting.

Expect to see miracles.  Expect the joy to rise up in your life.  If you come to the meetings with a negative attitude, not expecting anything from Me, then that is what you will receive.  The ladies will not judge you or come against you, but that is what you perceive it will be.  Change your perception of church, change your perception of this Women’s Conference and what you think it’s all about, for I have put together something AMAZING for My girls!  You can’t even begin to think of what I will do, and you won’t be able to describe it once it’s done!  It’s beyond your comprehension!  🙂 It fills My heart with joy to think about the change I will do in your life through this conference.

I have hand-picked those who will minister, because they have exactly what you need to have imparted into you at this time in your life.  Nothing is by mistake.  Nothing is by accident.  You will be amazed when you sit in the conference and watch and listen to those who minister and hear what comes out of their mouths.  You will be amazed and think that they were in your prayer closet.  They were in the prayer closet… with Me.  Every speaker, singer, dancer and flagger has come before Me and asked for My heart for this conference and has asked Me to lead them to minister to each woman in the way that she personally needs.

There is SO MUCH I want to do in each woman’s life that I am drawing to this conference.  You have to trust Me on an individual level that I can, and that I WILL, do it in your life.  I will take you to new levels in various areas of your life if you will trust Me and obey what I show you in the conference.  This is a year of expansion in your life, but you have to be willing to do what I show you.  This is a year of expansion, new levels, new heights, bigger portions.  Things will not be the same as you seek Me and delve into My Word.  You will not be the same as each person at this conference imparts to you what I have put inside of them.  You will wonder,  ‘Where has this been all my life?’  Now is the time, My daughter!  Now is the time!”

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~


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