Let Jesus Love on You (Without Fear)

Received on Saturday, 04/07/18 @12:02pm

Jesus desires to spend time with us…  without interruption…  without the constant thought processes that take up space in our minds.  Sacred, uninterrupted time with His beloved children to love on us and share what’s on His mind, make us feel safe, or…  just to be with us.  Let’s draw closer to Him, without fear, and let Him love on us .

“Come closer to Me, My child.  Do not be afraid.  I don’t want you to fear coming into My Presence.  My Presence is peaceful and fulfilling to your spirit, ready to embrace you.  Don’t be rushed by the craziness of the world or your busy schedule.  Those things can wait.  The most important thing is that you spend time with Me right now, and quiet your soul.  Come, My child!  I am waiting!  I the middle of the day, I am waiting.  I just wait, simply wait, for you to answer My call.  I won’t make you, but if you want the peace I’ll provide, you will come.  Don’t wait!  Don’t hesitate and think about it!  My Presence waits.  My love abounds.  My Presence waits, full of wisdom you are seeking, full of answers you are longing for.  It’s found in My Presence.  Won’t you make time for Me, My beloved?  I have made time for you.  I have provided the answers.  Won’t you seek Me so you can find them?  Am I worth it?  Is My Presence worth it?  Is My love worth it?  Is the blood that I shed for you worth it, My beloved?  Come!  Hide away in the Secret Place where you will be loved.”  ~ Jesus


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Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~


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