God is Moving Throughout the Land…

Received on Tuesday, 02/06/18 @11:18pm 

Scripture reference: Acts 2

“For there is coming a time, and surely it is already here, when My children will begin coming into unity. It is happening in segments, as I spark praise and worship meetings across the land. For it is when you become one with the Holy Spirit that you come into one accord with each other. It is coming! Many of you have wondered when Jesus’ prayer will be answered – that My Church come into complete unity. It is coming, My children. I will not let My own Son’s prayer go unanswered. Many don’t believe it can happen, but it will happen. I am working on answering this prayer. You will see more prayer groups pop up. More praise and worship gatherings happening. Not just in churches, but in homes and other places. You will be surprised where My Presence will be welcomed. Now is not the time for division and hostility towards one another in the Body of Christ. I am working on breaking down the walls and the distrust amongst My children. I am putting in the hearts of more and more of My children to have praise and worship gatherings outside of regular church services. They don’t even know why, but I am doing a work in My children and cleansing the atmospheres in the cities. The Earth and the fullness thereof is still Mine, and I am working through My children to clean things up and prepare the Earth for My coming. There is still much work to be done, and it cannot be done without My Holy Spirit, though many choose not to believe in Him and His power. I WILL show forth His power, and many skeptics will become believers. My Church cannot do the work it needs to do without the power of the Holy Spirit, and I am working through those who believe in His power to bring His power into the Earth.”

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~





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