Word about 2018

I hesitated to post this Word due to the nature of it.  I spoke with my husband, and a couple of spiritual leaders about it, and decided to move forward.  I post this with the purpose of asking for prayer and intercession for the Church that we would repent.  As Christians, let’s never take delight in the downfall of fellow believers, but let’s pray for repentance and that they be reconciled.

Friday, 11/24/17 @7:58am 

Word about 2018

“2018 will be a year of glory, as well as a year of trouble. For those who desire to go higher in Me, and are willing to pay the price, I will continue to draw them closer, reveal more things to them and show them deeper things in the spirit realm that they haven’t seen before.

There is much to learn, much to see, many more levels in Me to reach. You can seek Me for all eternity and never exhaust everything there is to see and know about Me. You can never exhaust My love, or the adventures we will go on together in this journey. If you are willing to pay the price and go through the fire, you can go as deep and high as you want to spiritually. There is no end, and I will not reject a seeking heart.

It will also be a year of trouble and devastation as I continue to expose many things, not only in the political realm and the entertainment industry, but in My Church. There is much sin, even sexual abuse, going on in My Church, and I won’t stand for it. Those who will not repent will be exposed. I will not have it!!

Many are hurting and crying out to Me for help, and I will come to their rescue. I will move through those who have the courage to speak up and take action. Much has been going on in My Church for far too long, and it is time for it to stop or be exposed. Many think they will get away with it, but I will expose even well-known ministers.

There are churches that will crumble and shut down. Even well-known preachers will fall in 2018. Many will be shocked at who is exposed, but I am not taken by surprise. Churches that have opened their doors to homosexuality and allowed this sin to infiltrate their church will be shut down. Homosexual preachers will be exposed and fall. I will not stand for it! Not in My Church!

Other sins will be exposed and brought to the light. My Church has become worse than the world! I will clean it out, for I AM coming back for a glorious Church that is WITHOUT spot or wrinkle. No amount of false doctrine, or sin that infiltrates the Church, will change that. Do not think that it is impossible, for it will happen! I have said it in My Word, and it will happen!

Darkness will not overcome the light! I am a God of much mercy, but sin must be dealt with, and the time has come to deal with many things. I will not stand by and allow My Church to remain in the state that it’s in. I will move through My ministers who are willing to speak out against such wickedness to call for repentance. Repent, Church! Repent of your wicked ways before it is too late!! I will not put up with it forever! ”

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~




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