Prophetic Words to Encourage You – Jesus Cares

I am adding to my blog these Words I received that I have already posted to my Facebook page.  My prayer is that they continue to encourage people.  We are never without hope.

Received on Sunday, 11/5/17 @1:21am

Worship Me Through it All
“Worship Me. Worship Me extravagantly and while-heartedly, though questions enter into your mind. Questions going through your mind does not mean you are doubting Me. Yes, I am worthy of your worship, though disappointment and calamity is all around you. Do not look to situations or troubles as a litmus test to judge whether I am worthy. I am worthy. I do not cause destruction, nor do I bring it into your life. Worship Me and I will teach you. Worship will give you freedom – mental freedom and emotional freedom. Give Me your sacrifice of worship, and I will teach how to worship Me in spirit and in truth through it all.”


Received on Sunday, 11/5/17 @1:57am

Total Surrender
“I am looking for hearts of total surrender. Will you give that to Me?”


Received on Friday, 11/10/17 @10:40pm

This flowed out while watching Kim Walker Smith’s YouTube video, “Love Has A Name”:

No One is Too Far Gone for Jesus’ Love
“Let Me be the love of your life. Let Me come and fill the void in your heart and soul that this world has left behind, that the broken relationship has left behind. Nothing is beyond My healing. Nothing is beyond My mending. No hurt is so deep, no human so flawed that I cannot heal, mend, restore and reconcile. Do not doubt My miraculous ability, but only believe. Intercede for those who need My forgiveness and My healing, and only believe. I will draw them to Myself as My Name (Jesus) is lifted high. Intercede for them and only believe. If I can change Saul to Paul, I can change anyone. NO ONE is too far gone for My love, My miraculous power to reach, heal and restore. ONLY BELIEVE.”

John 12:32; Acts 9:1-19 (Saul’s conversion to Paul)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what I’ve shared, or if you want to share your story, and I’d love for you to follow me on my social media sites!

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~








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