I Give You Joy!! (You Don’t Have to Be Miserable)

I received this on Wednesday, 10/18/17 @10:42pm

“I give you joy! I give you joy! I Have have already given you joy! It resides on the inside of you! Do not let Satan convince you that you have to live in misery. Do not let him attempt to steal your joy through the lies that he tells you. Do not listen to the thoughts that enter your head, but cast them down. Those are lies from your enemy. He wants you to believe you are not good enough and that you will spend your life in misery and sorrow, that no one cares about you. Do not believe the lies. I declare to you that you have My Spirit residing in the inside of you. The fruit of My Spirit is joy. You have everything abiding inside of you that belongs to Christ. That’s in My Word. Don’t let the enemy convince you otherwise. You are precious, and you are My jewel. Why would I not give to you My promised Holy Spirit. Jesus ascended and said that He was leaving and would send a Comforter. Why would I withhold Him from you? If He was not available, then you would have no joy and would live in misery, but I did not leave My children to fend for themselves as orphans. I sent you My Holy Spirit Who gives you joy in the midst of trials and circumstances. There is no reason for you to go through life depressed. Abide in My Spirit and WALK IN the fruit that He provides for you. Live it out. Life will be much easier and more fulfilling when you do.”


If this has spoken to you, please let me know by contacting me at my email address, or through the contact form below.  Please feel free to comment, like and subscribe!

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~



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