I Have Called You — Are You Willing to Face the Persecution??

God is calling us to obey His voice and fulfill His calling upon our lives NO MATTER WHAT.  At times, we will face opposition.  Are we willing to press through the persecution and be obedient if it means having such an impact on people that they accept Jesus as their Lord and spend eternity in Heaven instead of Hell?  Is that ONE person worth the price?  Are we TRULY willing to lay down our lives?

I received this on Saturday, 9/16/17 @2:42am.  It flowed out while listening to “You Make Me Brave” by Amanda Cook of Bethel Music:

“I will give you the strength. I will give you the courage to stand and face your enemies. You do not have to fear what Satan will bring into your life. Follow My call without fear – the calling that I’ve placed on your life – be obedient to My will and do it. Do not worry about the persecution that will come your way. Do not worry about the opposition. I will give you the strength to face the opposition. You have My Spirit living within you. Do not worry about what people think. Do not worry about what people think about what I have called you to do. I choose whom I call, and I know what I need to do in each person’s life in order to bring them to a place that they can fulfill their calling. I am able to do it. Are you willing? Are you willing to do what it takes, and go through what it takes, to fulfill the calling that I’ve placed on your life, the work that I need you to do? My concern is for souls and lives. Are you willing to allow Me to do a work in you so that you will be willing to fulfill My call? I am patient and I am willing to work with you, but I just need a willing vessel. There is much work to do for My Kingdom. There is much work to be done on the Earth. All I need are willing vessels. Will you be a willing vessel and allow Me to work in your life?”


Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~




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