I Am All-Powerful. Call Upon Me (Jesus).

I received this on Friday, 9/15/17 @2:15am.  It flowed out while listening to, “Mention Of Your Name” by Jenn Johnson of Bethel Music.

“I am All-Powerful. I see all things. Nothing happens that I do not see. Nothing happens in your life that I do not know about. Satan is not just getting away with bringing destruction into your life. His day is coming and he will pay. Do not get mad at Me thinking I’m just letting him get away with what he’s doing. I will take care of you, My child. I will take care of you. Trust Me. Call upon My Name, and do not be afraid of what I will do in your life. Do not fear what I will do. That is a tactic of the enemy, for you to not trust Me. He wants to cause distance between us and tear us apart. Do not allow him to do that. Guard your heart. You know Me. You know My character. Do not listen to his lies. I am not bringing destruction into your life. Trust in Me. Anchor yourself in My love. Anchor yourself in My hope. Your hope is in Me. Your hope is only found in Me. There is none other. Call upon My Name and I will rescue you. I will save you. Don’t lose hope. Don’t become scared of the storms of life. I will protect you. Just call upon My Name. It is the most powerful Name you know.”

Please feel free to write to me via my email address, or though the contact form below.

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~



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