Fulfilling Callings, Breakthroughs and Promises for 2017

“I have bigger plans.  I have bigger plans for you.  Don’t listen to those around you who say it’s impossible for you to fulfill your dreams.  They don’t understand what I have placed within you.  I have huge plans.  I see the whole picture and I have placed a piece of My plan in each of My children to fulfill.  As you recognize, pursue and fulfill your individual pieces and bring each part to the table, you will begin to see the picture as a whole.  You will begin to see why each person is needed.  Each dream is imperative to fulfill.  Each and every one of My children is needed. There is not one gift that is not needed. You may think there are already many out there who do what you do, but no one brings to the table what I have placed inside of you.  I have great plans for 2017, and I need each of My children to fulfill their part.  This is a year of great breakthroughs, plans and strategies going into action and many things coming into place in My Body.  I will bring the right people into your lives during the right season.  Don’t say that the dream is too big and you cannot fulfill it.  You can do all things through Christ, the anointing, which strengthens you.  Anything I anoint you for, you can do.  I need those to rise up in My Body in whom I have placed business ideas.  It is time for businesses to be raised up and flourish in order to accomplish the work of My Kingdom.  Don’t let fear stop you. Follow My Spirit.  If they threaten to shut you down, stand for righteousness and uphold the morals and ethics of My Kingdom, but you must be obedient and move forward.  Your stance for My Kingdom will mean more than the money you pour into it.  Follow My Holy Spirit and obey what I have called you to do. Each of My children has a part.  No one is left out.  I have a work to do in the Earth and I need each and every person to do their part.  Don’t allow jealousy and competitiveness to come between you, but work together for the purpose of fulfilling My plan.  2017 is a year of breakthroughs in families and reconciliation in relationships.  I will bring entire families back together again.  Prodigals will come home.  I long for My Body to come together as one, and I will do a miraculous work beyond your wildest dreams! Obey Me, even in the hard things, and you will see wonders!”

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