Face 2 Face Regional Women’s Conference Twenty-17

I received a word for our Women’s Conference, March 16-18, 2017, which has been confirmed by my church leadership.  You may register for FREE at the door!!  (Online registration has closed.)

The conference kicks off on Thursday, March 16 with a Night of Worship featuring my very dear friend and Covenant Love Church’s very own Crisie Hutchings.  To learn more about our Guest Speakers Mercy Lokulutu and Jucara Peixoto, our Conference Schedule and to register, please visit the link below:


Word for Face 2 Face Regional Women’s Conference Twenty-17

“Come away.  Come away with Me.  Come, take the time away from the daily grind of life to come rest at My feet.  Some of you don’t even realize how weary you are.  Come away with Me and sit under My daughters as I take you higher and higher.  I have a plan.  I have a specific plan for you during this conference.  This is not just to waste a couple days at another conference and go back to life as usual.  I want to take you deeper and higher.  There is something specific I want to impart into you through these specific daughters of Mine.  This will not be like anything you have been to before.  I am working out the details and giving them a specific message for you, even now.  Just for you.  I know every detail of your life, My daughter.  Every pain.  Every hurt.  Every obstacle.  Every twist.  Every turn.  Every thing, every word that you need to hear to bring you to the place in Me where you need to be.  I know every thing that you need to grow spiritually.  Some of you don’t trust.  You don’t want to attend because you don’t trust women and you don’t want to be betrayed or hurt.  I am tearing down the walls.  I am tearing down the walls of distrust and I am bringing My bride together in unity.  I know you have an issue with trust and I understand.  I have chosen this gathering of women to bring healing to you.  Trust Me when I say it will be a safe place for you to be vulnerable and receive healing.  It will be like a healing balm in your wounds.  My beloved daughters, do not run from the healing and the relationships that I have called you to.  You’re scared, but I will wipe away every fear.  There is no need to fear the other women, for they are just as scared and hurt as you are.  I am bringing you together as one so that you may heal and grow together.  As you become vulnerable and learn to trust each other with your pain, there will come a bond of unity, family, that no one can break.  I am bringing you together, My daughters, as family.  Family that some of you have never had.  For others, reconciliation where relationships have been broken.  Do not fear the other women.  Do not fear the conference.  Walk in love with one another and obey the steps I tell you to take and go where I tell you to go.  There is healing on the other side.  There is greatness in you that needs to be brought out.  Believe that, My daughter.  You cannot be you without them.  That is not just a slogan, but I’ve made each person unique and you need each other to make up the whole.  You need your fellow sisters to be who I’ve called you to be.  Don’t run.  Don’t fear.  Yield to My Holy Spirit and see what I will do as you obey.  Come.  Worship Me.  Worship Me together and watch the walls start to fall down.  Nothing Satan has done in your life will stop the calling I have on your life, or the greatness I have put in you, for he is a defeated foe.  Don’t let him deceive you and stop you from doing what I’m showing you to do.  Take this next step in your healing process and as you allow Me to heal you and you begin to see your spiritual growth, you will see the gold coming out of you that you’ve longed for.  Don’t fear.  My process is nothing to fear.  Let the walls down, come to the conference and make new friends that I’ve appointed for you for this time that will help you along life’s journey.  You’ve entered a new season and you need strong women that can help you in some areas.  There are women at this conference that I have prepared for you that I will bring into your life for this season.  Things you have been asking for, crying out for, I have women to bring into your life that are answers to your prayers.  Don’t fear what I will do, but yield and trust Me, worship and release.  It’s in the release that you will find peace to be who you are.”

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