My Love is Your Safe Place in the Storm

“I want to take you in over your head in My love in a place you’ve never been before, but you long to be.  If you only knew what I have waiting for you, what’s in store, you would be EXCITED and would JUMP IN.  Don’t let tragedy and the circumstances you see going on in the world around you cause you to take your eyes off of Me and question My love for you.  I love you passionately with an unending love.  My love will never stop.  It will never fade or go away.  My love is strong and may not stop tragedy, but will carry you through.  Trust in Me for I have ways to get you through life’s hardships that you do not understand.  My love is supernatural.  I have the peace that passes all understanding that will get you through.  My grace is truly sufficient for you.  Do not question Me and wonder about My love and how I can allow things to happen.  It truly breaks My heart as much as it breaks yours.  My love will get us through it together as you rely on Me.”

If this has encouraged you, please contact me using the form below and share.  If you have any prayer needs, please send them to me.  All prayer requests will be kept confidential.


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