I Am Waiting for You That I May Manifest My Glory!

“When My Name is lifted high, I will do miracles in people’s lives that you can’t even imagine.  I will do signs, wonders and miracles that you haven’t dreamed of.  I will do things that non-believers will know can only be attributed to the All-Powerful, All-Knowing God.  When I pour My Spirit out, oh, you will be amazed!  Many of you wonder, “Why hasn’t God done it, yet?”  “When will it happen?”  I am waiting on you, My beloved.  I cannot do it, yet, for My Church is not ready, not for Me to do what I REALLY want to do.  Oh, you can see a trickle here and there, but NOTHING like what I wish to do.  Sin cannot live in My Presence.  For My glory to manifest the way I want it to, and the way you’re crying out to see, My Church MUST prepare herself.  I am waiting on you, My beloved.  You are not waiting on Me.  I LONG to manifest My glory.  I LONG to come for My bride.  Do you think I want to leave you in this world in the state it is in?  No!  I want you with Me.  I want to celebrate and commune with you, but there is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH work still to be done in the Earth.  Too many people still to be saved, for I wish that NONE would perish.  Many of My children will not step out and do what I have called them to do to win the lost, still others do not stick with what I’ve called them to do, but they walk away.  I am waiting on you, My beloved.  I am patient.  My work MUST be done before I return, and I WILL see to it that it is done, but I need My Body to cooperate with Me and do what I’ve called you to do.  The sooner you get right with ME and do the work I have called you to do for My Kingdom, the sooner you will see the manifestations you are crying out for.”


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