God Will Provide

“I have come, I have come that you might have life and that more abundantly.  Why would you listen to the lies of your enemy?  Do I not clothe the lilies?  Am I not able to take care of you and provide for you, My own children?  Do not take your eyes off of Me and get them on money, for I am able to provide for you in many more ways than what comes through your paycheck.  I am a supernatural God and I can do all things.  I want you to come up higher, higher in your thinking of Me and Who I am.  Do not compare Me to your earthly father and how he was able to provide for you.  I am a supernatural God.  I can do all things.  I have no limitations.  The only thing that limits Me is your faith, for without faith it is impossible to please Me, declares The Lord.”


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