WARNING: Know My Word So You Don’t Fall Away

Received on Monday, 7/17/17 @5:05am

If you know of someone who can benefit from this, please feel free to share it.

“I am looking for those who are willing to go through the fire, who are willing to be sifted like wheat and hard pressed on every side and still stand on My Word and continue to walk with Me. I am looking for those who will REFUSE to walk away from Me and turn away in rejection of Me due to their circumstances. I have warned you there will be trials and tribulations in this life. I never promised a problem-free life. You have to be STRONG in this day and hour that you are living in. You MUST know My Word. You MUST know My Word. You have no choice. You MUST know My Word and know Me intimately. You have no time to continue in your own pleasures and desires and say that you will get to a relationship with God later when you want to. NOW IS THE TIME. I am WARNING you, you do not have time to wait. Satan roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he MAY devour. Don’t let him devour you. Don’t give him the opportunity. Don’t give him a foothold. When he comes to attack, it will be too late. Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of war to learn how to fight. Get in My Word NOW. Seek My face NOW. It is IMPERATIVE that you draw close to Me NOW and learn how to fight in this spiritual war NOW so that you will not fall away.”

Luke 24:31; 2 Corinthians 4:8-12; John 16:33; 1 Peter 5:8

Declaring Jesus’ Name in the Earth,

~ Marjorie Shull ~



2 thoughts on “WARNING: Know My Word So You Don’t Fall Away

  1. jesusnjeans

    Hi there! My husband had a dream that we were sitting together at our dinner table. He said that I began to tell him that it is time to know His word! He said he felt like he was speaking, but the words were coming out of my mouth…. the interpretation God gave me was, the sitting together while he thought he was speaking, but i was speaking, represented our unity in the Father. We are in alignment together. The words I was speaking were the Father telling us and all His children that it is time that eet know His word intimately. Not just devotionaly. But actually know it and live it. … sooo good!


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