I Am Pleased / My Love Will Sustain You

“I’m pleased with where you are, now it’s time to go higher.  You have taken the steps that I have led you to take and you have followed Me, now I will take you even higher. I am enjoying this journey with you, My child. I am enjoying the relationship and intimacy that we have together.  I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you and show you more revelation! Continue to trust Me and seek Me.  You are on the right track.  Don’t question where you’re at.  Don’t question where you’re at, My child.  I’m with you in this season.  I’ll walk you through the trials.  Don’t question My love.  My love for you is constant and everlasting.  My love for you is great.  It will sustain you through the trials.  My love will sustain you as you navigate through the different situations of life.  Don’t doubt My love.  Don’t fall into doubt or you will begin to question Me.  Stay close.  Stay intimate with Me.  Stay in the place of intimacy with Me.  My love is your safe place and will sustain you through this life.” 

2 thoughts on “I Am Pleased / My Love Will Sustain You

  1. Amanda

    Thank you for this sharing this word from the Lord. Last night I was crying out to the Lord about something and feeling very unsure about some current decisions I had made. I believe that I was being obedient to God in these decisions but was feeling like maybe I heard Him wrong. When I got up this morning and came across this word. I was amazed and could do nothing but smile and thank God for this conformation. As I was crying out last night He was already in motion through you to let me know I was on the right path. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is something I will be keeping close by to remind me I’m okay when things seem like a blur or I’m just not sure what He has in store for me. Thank you (:


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